TLC - Teaching Learning Community
About Us

    The Teaching Learning Community, popularly known as TLC, journey so far more than decade. This endeavor is run free of cost, and believes in the fact, that the real payback comes from learning to do better business TLC was founded in 2005 as a community of 15 entrepreneurs in and around Nashik who wanted to achieve value-based breakthrough growth. Over a period, the informal exchange of ideas gave way to a structured entrepreneurship program, but with a difference. The program is continual and believes in unlearning, learning, doing, and teachingvarious business concepts to derive dramatic results in areas of leadership, strategy, ?nancial parameters, employee pride, customer success, and social responsibility.

TLC Founder

Mr. Rajendra Bagwe

    Reaching out and helping more than 600 small and medium entrepreneurs to grow and belong to a close knit community called the Teaching Learning Community (TLC), across 6 major districts of Maharashtra, India, in the last 13 years has not been easy; but still the most satisfying journey in my life.

    Change is constant; change implies transition. Most people, including the business fraternity, look out for `guides` to help them deal with unforeseen challenges. Communities like the TLC could be the answer.

    The Teaching Learning Community has a unique structure which grows by itself like


  • Rajendra Bagwe

    TLC Head

  • Jitendra Shirke

    TLC Admin Head

  • Shrikant Padhye

    TLC Quality Head/Audit Head

  • Aditya Gogate

    City Head

  • Dinesh Latkar

    City Head

  • Jaykumar Parikh

    City Head

  • Asmita Kulkarni

    City Head

  • Nilesh Salgaonkar

    City Head

  • Abbas Aboojiwala

    City Head